Concise Science Dictionary

Concise Science Dictionary

Written in a clear, explanatory style, the new Second Edition of the Concise Science Dictionary contains more than 7,000 entries relating to physics, biology, the earth sciences, and astronomy, as well as mathematics and computer science.

The new edition has been expanded to reflect recent advances in the environmental sciences, genetics and genetic engineering, molecular biology, immunology, and the techniques and materials new to all the sciences. Providing both straightforward definitions and invaluable background information on a wide range of scientific words, concepts, and topics, the entries also offer line-drawings whenever the meaning is best conveyed by way of a diagram. Charts and tables of essential scientific information are also integrated throughout. With an extensive cross-referencing system that allows readers to place each entry in a broader scientific context, the Concise Science Dictionary is invaluable for non-specialists and students, and an essential resource for professionals seeking an accessible guide to all scientific disciplines.

Alan Isaacs, John Daintith, Elizabeth Martin
19,5 x 13 cm
Broj strana
Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1991.
Engleski jezik, latinica, broširano.

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Black's Law Dictionary

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Prvo izdanje. Brojne crno-bijele i fotografije u boji.

Novinsko-izdavačko poduzeće Revije Vjesnik, 1991. Broširano.
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